User Home Directories

All COE students, faculty, and staff have a network home folder for storing class and work files. All on campus COE Windows computers will automatically mount this drive as the U: drive. However, Mac and Linux users, as well as those connecting remotely over VPN, may need to manually connect to this drive. The network location for all user home directories can be determined using the following format:


For example, user buckeye.1 would find their home directory located at:  \\\home\b\buckeye.1 

File Shares

There are many file shares in COEIT for teaching, research, and business use. Many of these shares are automatically mapped for you based on your user account group memberships as well as the department in which you are located. To connect to a COEIT file share, you can determine the network location using the following format:


If you are unsure of the share name, enter \\\shares\ into the address bar of File Explorer and you will see the names of all shares to which you currently have access.

Instructions for mapping a file share or a home directory to a drive letter are below.   

To Map your home drive or a file share on a Windows computer:

  • Open a File Explorer window. 
  • Right Click on This PC (may also appear as the name of your computer rather than 'This PC').
  • Choose Map Network drive from the pop-up menu. 

  • Enter the path to your home folder or the file share you want to map. 
  • Choose a drive letter and select if you want the drive to automatically reconnect. 


  • If you using a device joined to the COEIT domain and are logged in with your domain user account,  just press Finish and your drive will connect.

  • If you are using a personal device connected to the COE network over VPN, you will need to specify your COEIT domain credentials in order to connect. 
    • Check the box marked:  "Connect using different credentials"

  • NOTE: You must also specify different credentials if you are logged on to a domain member computer using a local user account. 

  • Enter your username in the format:

  • Press OK to connect. 

To map your home folder or a file share from an Mac OS computer: 

  • From the Finder menu, Select Go > Connect to Server
  • Enter your home drive or file share location with the SMB protocol prefix. 
    • Example:  smb://

  • Once you have entered the address, press the Connect button to immediately open the network location.
  • Optionally, press the + button to add the location to your favorites list. It will be listed under Favorite Servers and allow your to quickly select it to reconnect.

  • If you do not know the specific name of the share you need to connect to, enter smb:// and press connect. A folder will open showing you the shares you currently have access to.

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