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Changing a user's login password (along with synchronizing passwords for Keychain and FileVault2 bootguard) on a macOS device that already has Pulse Secure VPN and NoMAD set up.

Step-by-step guide

Please review the following steps to update your Mac computer's login password along with those for your Keychain and Filevault2 (to unlock the system disk when the computer restarts):

  1. Firstly, proceed to update your OSU password on the OCIO Account Management web site:

  2. Simply sign in with your OSU credentials and click on the "Change Password" button when you successfully signed in:

    If you encounter issues with signing in to the Account Management site, please contact the OCIO IT Service Desk (8-HELP, or 614-688-4357) for assistance. ETS does not have jurisdiction over your OSU account passwords.
  3. Once you have updated your OSU password, proceed to connect your Mac computer to the College of Engineering's Pulse Secure VPN:

  4. Verify your VPN connection is successful by the green arrow, beside the 'un-synced' NoMAD icon:

  5. Wait for a minute or two, and you should get prompted by NoMAD to sign in again, since it detects that your OSU password has changed and is no longer in sync with the current macOS user account's login password. Enter your OSU ID and recently changed OSU password:

  6. Next, it will request for you to enter the previous account password that was used to log in to the macOS device. This will allow it to sync the passwords and replace the old macOS login password with the recently changed new OSU password. Click on Sync to proceed:

  7. Once the login procedures are complete, you should see the NoMAD icon show a green checkmark to indicate that the password synchronization is successful and you can restart your Mac computer at your next earliest convenience to test it out.

NOTE: This guide is only applicable to OSU login accounts. If you need help with an admin account password change on your Mac computer, kindly submit a new ticket with the ETS Helpdesk via any of these methods for further assistance:



Phone: 614-688-2828