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Step 1 – Install/Activate Pulse Secure VPN on Your Personal Computer

The Pulse Secure VPN client provides secure access to College of Engineering (COE) internal computer resources and can be downloaded and installed on personal computers.  Instructions on how to download, install and run the software for Windows, Apple and Linux computer platforms can be found at:

Once the Pulse VPN client has been installed and activated, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2 – Find a College Lab Computer to Connect To

Students have been given the ability to remotely access College of Engineering instructional lab machines, which have necessary software packages for courses.  A web page has been created to assist students find a machine that is available.

After the VPN is active, open a web browser and enter the following URL:

You will see a screen similar to the one shown below:

The first column represents instructional computers in each department and the green bar represents how many computers are available for access.  Click on the department your class is in.  If you have an MAE class, for example, you will likely want to connect to an MAE computer to ensure it has the correct software.

Clicking on the department takes you to the next page, which shows instructional computers in that department.  Click on the check boxes so that only “Available” is checked and then choose the OS you want [Mac | Windows | Unix ].  This will show you instructional lab computers in that department, which are available for login.

When you find a computer, click on the blue address link in the right column.  This will start the Remote Desktop Application and populate it with the correct computer address.

If it downloads a .rdp file, as shown below, click on the download and select OPEN:


If a pop-up window like the one to the right appears, simply click “don’t ask me again for connections to this computer” and click “YES”

This will accept the connection for this computer, this time and in future times.

Step 3 – Enter User Name

The Remote Desktop application should appear similar to the image below.

Click More Choices and then Use a different account and enter:

where you replace “lastname.#” with your OSU username.

Enter your password and click OK and you should be connected to the lab system.