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  1. Visit
  2. Select Get Help.
  3. Select Order Services (on left).
  4. Select Software Services.
  5. Select Site Licensed Software Request
  6. Fill in the necessary information.
  7. Select FastX.
  8. Select the v3 option for your operating system.
  9. Finish the checkout
  10. Click the download link in the email you receive from the IT Service Desk.
  11. Visit
  12. Download the installer for your OS.
  13. Run the installer *
    *macOS users: There is no installer for Mac, simply open the Disk Image (DMG) file and copy/drag the FastX app to the Mac "Applications" folder.
  14. Launch FastX 3
    1. Important - If you are not on a system connected to the wired Engineering network, please connect to the Engineering VPN using the PulseSecure client before proceeding further.
  15. Click the plus sign (+) in the top-right of the window that opens.
    1. For version 3.1 and later, the plus sign (+) has moved to the top-left of the Connections window.
  16. Select SSH from the drop-down
  17. Enter the following information (only edit the fields mentioned below):
    1. Name: Pick a name that you would like to call this connection.
    2. Host: Hostname of the system you would like to access (e.g. - this varies by Department, you can also check with ETS).
    3. Port: 22
    4. User: lastname.#
      1. This field is optional. If you do not specify a username, you will be prompted for one when you first connect to the
  18. Click Save
  19. FastX will then try to connect to the the system (you may be prompted to accept the system's SSH key before it will proceed).
  20. Once connected, you’ll see another window with the system’s name at the top.
    1. For version 3.1 or later, you will see a new tab within the window you are in that has the system's name at the top.
  21. Click the plus sign (+) in the top-right of the new window.
    1. For version 3.1 and later, the plus sign (+) has moved to the top-left of the window that is shown when you click on the tab with the system's name.
  22. Select your desired desktop environment from the list.
  23. Ensure the Window Mode drop-down is set to Single.
    1. Selecting Multiple as the window mode will work, but it has a learning curve. It is recommended to start with single mode first.
    2. Ignore the screen size displayed. FastX will adjust the resolution automatically when you resize the FastX window.
  24. Click OK.


FastX Notes

  • For version 3.1 or later - When connecting to a system, after authenticating, the FastX window may minimize itself.  You can restore the window by selecting it from the taskbar.
  • To close your session and logoff.
    1. Within MATE, go to System >> Log out <username>.
    2. Within Xfce, go to Applications >> Log Out.
  • To disconnect but not logoff.
    1. Close your session window without logging off first.
  • To reconnect to a session.
    1. Reconnect to the system the session is on (if you are not already connected).
    2. In the window with the system’s name at the top, you will see a list of sessions you can resume (if any). Click the play icon on the session to resume it.