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  1. Install “Citrix Workspace” from “ ”by selecting “Download Citrix Workspace app for Windows” and following installation steps.  Do not enable Single Sign On or App Protection during the install.  Only need to complete this step along with account setup the first time.


  1. Select “Add Account” after installation is complete.


  1. Enter “” for the server address and select “Add”.


  1. “Sign In” with OSU University name.# credentials.


  1. Select “COEStore” and click “Select”.


  1. “Log On” with OSU University name.# credentials.


  1. Select the “COE” or specific image from the Desktops tab or selected Favorites tab.  “Desktop Viewer” will begin launching a session.  You may also have virtualized applications under the Apps tab.

  1. Ensure your data is saved to U:\ or remote drive and select “Sign out” from start menu after completing session.

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